Will We See The New iPhone Software Today?

The Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco will open its gates on Monday welcoming analysts and tech consumers who want to learn more about the new products. Apple is rumored to be the star of the conference as the IT giant could offer insights to the new iPhone software, along with other upcoming devices, CNET News informs.

Expectations have become even bigger in the past few days as the Cupertino, California company has decided to keep mum about its plans for the Worldwide Developers Conference. Many speculations have been made in relation to the software and hardware novelties that Apple could present during the conference, but none of the rumors have been confirmed yet. Apple did not say whether its new iPhone software or other groundbreaking device will be introduced during the San Francisco show.

Investors have been pressing Apple during the past months as share prices have dropped considerably. The downfall has been fueled by the fear that the iPhone maker will fail to deliver a new and innovating device by the end of the year. Apple, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be bothered by the criticism that has been brought against it in the last two quarters; the company continuously reassures the market that new products will see the light of day in fall 2013.

During the last year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple revealed the key features of its new software and design characteristics of its new smartphone. Judging by the recent suppositions, Apple could take advantage of this conference to showcase the revamped models of iPhone and iPad. Analysts estimate that the new models could be thinner and they could display splashes of color instead of black and white elements.

As for the new software, the iOS 7, it is said to be an updated version that is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touches. The software will be foreseen on devices that will be launched towards the end of the year, whereas the owners of iPhone 5 smartphones will be able to upgrade their operating systems for free.

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