Will There Be An Apple TV 3 Jailbreak By The End Of The Year?

News about the imminent arrival of the Apple TV 3 jailbreak has been continuously published on the Internet in the past months. However, the majority of the rumors were false as none of the big developing companies have managed to release a compatible hacking program. The question whether there will be an Apple TV 3 jailbreak or not by the end of the year seems to be bothering everyone now, so here’s what we have learnt.

FireCore, one of the companies that were working on releasing a jailbreak for the third-generation digital media receiver released a statement on Monday announcing their withdrawal. FireCore is determined to take a few steps behind and let other developers deal with the jailbreak because work is progressing at a very slow rate.

Developers have done their best to find a good version of the jailbreak, but all their work was to no avail. They claim to lack the security expertise they need in order to create the jailbreak for iOS based devices. As a result, FireCore will encourage and provide all the support they can to “capable” developers who are working on the final version of the jailbreak. They concluded the press release by saying that they cannot provide an exact date when Apple TV 3 users will be able to fully use 3rd party apps.

According to Apple Tv 3 Jailbreak News Channel a new group of developers are working full time to release the Apple Tv 3 Jailbreak software by the end of December and everybody is eagerly waiting for the release.

The other developers did not blame FireCore for the decision they have made. On the contrary, Kevin Bradley, who has become known due to his jailbreaks, confirms that hacking the third-generation Apple TV is, indeed, one of the biggest challenges at present. Back in September, he declared in an interview with CNET News reporters that the jailbreak is still in its early stages. Bradley has slightly modified his declaration since then; in fact, he recently stated that there is no Apple TV 3 jailbreak. “Not even close,” he added.

Skeptics think customers will wait for a long period of time until the digital media device will be jailbroken. According to them, the shelf life of Apple TV 3 plays an important part in the release of the hacking program.  

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