Will Smith Talks 3D Fears

Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith attended the “Men In Black 3” premiere at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York together with their two kids, Jaden and Willow. Entertainment News convinced Will Smith to talk about his 3D fears, as well as his recent performance in the new sequel.

Will Smith is an acknowledged actor who played in numerous blockbuster movies. Despite this, the star admits that the idea of performing in a 3D movie terrified him. Smith was particularly afraid that the 3D pellicle will make his ears appear even bigger than they normally are. He told reporters at Entertainment News he was very curious to see whether the floppy ears will come out of the screen and “knock [people’s] popcorn out”. After watching the film, he realized they looked alright.

According to the media, fans were excited to see Will Smith on the big screen again. He explained that he took a break because he wanted to help his children start their own musical career and to help his wife, Jada with her new show. Now that he has taken care of everything, Smith is ready to start working again.

Will Smith is not the only actor who will draw film goers to the cinema. Justin Bieber’s brief appearance might melt a few hearts, too. Smith told reporters he was very impressed by the young singer. According to him, Bieber can play five or six instruments and is also very good at acting; in fact, starting from now on, Justin could feature in many more movies because he can be very natural in front of the cameras.

People have always tried to discover Will’s recipe for his overflowing good humor and enthusiasm. The actor thinks it has to do with his ability to appreciate what he has in life and to remain modest despite all the fame and success. Smith is grateful for everything he has accomplished so far, especially since he started as a “dude from Philly who didn’t go to college” and did everything completely different than people told him to.


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