Will Simon Cowell Ever Marry Mezhgan Hussainy?

Simon Cowell, the X-Factor judge is not an easy person to live with, that’s for sure. But, somehow even he found a woman to love him for what he is. In fact, it’s likely that the first time the media heard about Cowell and Hussainy’s wedding plans, reporters started bets to see how long that will last. Well, as of recently, one question arises: will Simon Cowell ever marry Mezhgan Hussainy?

Simon Cowell and Mezhgan Hussainy met on the set of American Idol, back in 2003. At that time Simon did his thing, judging people on camera, while Mezhgan was working as a makeup artist. Rumors about engagement only surfaced after six years, and in February 2010 the couple got engaged.

It is likely that a few suffered mild shocks when Simon started talking about his relationship with Mezhgan. The emotionless, poker face and straightforward judge took everybody by surprise when he told British TV host Piers Morgan: “I’m smitten with Mezhgan, I think she’s the one. She’s very special… You know when you’ve found somebody very special”.

The statement above was given two years ago, in 2010, right about the time the couple got engaged. Now, things appear to be a little bit different, as Simon announced that he and his fiancée, Mezhgan, are taking a break from both their relationship and their wedding plans. In fact, the media should forget about expecting to catch Simon in his smitten moment, because he said that at that time he got caught up in the moment.

“It’s quite a complicated relationship. We had a break from each other, and we are still incredibly close” said Simon. The 52 year old judge explained for the Sunday’s Mirror that he feels vulnerable: “It’s not on, it’s not off, it’s somewhere in the middle. I don’t know if I will ever get married, but I am happy”.

Kate James, with Gather.com, writes that Simon Cowell and Mezhgan Hussainy haven’t seen each other since before Christmas. Plus, apparently, “since the break began, Hussainy actually moved into Cowell’s girlfriends graveyard house”. Cowell’s girlfriends graveyard house is according to his friends a house he owns nearby his mansion in Los Angeles.

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  1. He will never Marry Mezhgan, he should marry his makeup artist Julia Carter instead . Julia looks so much nicer Ive just checked out her CV what a talented lady.

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