Will Kristen Wiig Leave ‘Saturday Night Live’?

Us Weekly took an interview to actress and writer Kristen Wiig to find out whether the comedienne is actually planning to leave the ‘Saturday Night Live’ show or not. Although no decision has been made yet, Wiig did not rule out the possibility of retiring from the show.

Kristen Wiig has spent the last seven years of her life writing and producing skits for one of the most popular comedy shows in America, ‘Saturday Night Live’. Last year, however, she broke records with her comedy “Bridesmaids” and the success made everybody think that maybe it was time for the actress to move on with her career.

During her TV appearance at “Here’s The Thing with Alec Baldwin”, Kristen left viewers understand she is ready to make a career change. The actress did not deny the rumor that she plans to part ways with SNL at the end of the season. As a matter of fact, she shyly justified her possible departure by saying that it will not be because she is tired of the show or because she found something better, but simply because she thinks it is the right time to move on. The news was also confirmed by some of her close friends who told Us Weekly that Wiig often spoke about departure, but did not find the right moment to do it.

Contrary to the impression left by Wiig, her representative declared after the interview that the actress will make up her mind at the end of the season. Whether she leaves now or later, the “Bridesmaids” star already knows what she wants to do in her spare time. Wiig plans to move to Paris to get involved in various other artistic activities like painting, for instance.

Very few people know this, but Kristen Wiig spent great part of her adolescence studying arts, without imagining that she could become a comedienne. She worked as a caterer, a waiter, a personal assistant and had numerous other jobs before she started focusing on writing sketches. Despite her recent success, Wiig is still not sure whether she has found the right career for her, so she might change her mind and do a lot of different things in the future, too.

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