Music’s $700,000 Car Was Found

After Tweeting about his stolen vehicle on Tuesday, Black Eyed Peas singer, received a Twitter message saying that the $700,000 car was found. The artist, however, claims his car is still missing, but he refuses to go to the police because he thinks this could be a prank, according to the Inquisitr. 

Black Eyed Peas artist, was very attached to his limited edition DeLorean whose value was estimated around $700,000. The last time he was seen with it was on Tuesday at his album launch party in Los Angeles. was very excited before the party; he even took pictures of him and his car before he allowed the valet to park it.

His good disposition was soon ruined at the end of the launching party when the artist notified the valet that he wants to get his car back. Much to his surprise, the singer was announced that the $700,000 car was missing. Like any other scared and worried celebrity, grabbed his phone, connected to his Twitter account and asked his followers whether they know where his car is. “My car was stolen… what the f***… Where is my f***ing car…??? This isn’t funny anymore. I’m going to be optimistic and pray that my car is returned and safe…” was the message that the singer posted on his Twitter account.

An article on TMZ claimed that the artist’s car was found the next day based on a message posted by Founder and CEO of The World Famous West Coast Customs Ryan Friedlinghaus. He told Will that they have recuperated his car with the help of technology. In spite of the relieving message, Will told his followers that the car was not found because his garage was still empty.

The strange thing about this situation is the fact that Will refuses to go to the police in order to get his car back. In fact, he stated that he won’t go to the police because he thinks it was just a prank and he doesn’t want to spend his money on taxes.  

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