Technology Reveals the Puls

After almost 3 years of being an entrepreneur, pop star is finally ready to reveal his smart device, developed by his electronics company, The new product is described as an ambitious smart watch, named Puls. The new device is unique, as it doesn’t need to be connected to a phone to send emails, texts or make and take calls. So, the star claimed that this product is not a regular watch, because commonly smartwatches don’t come with SIM Card, which this new product features.

The Black Eyed Peas singer is very excited about this new product and says that this device is much more fashionable than other competing products that exist now on the market. You can use Puls Smart Watch for playing music, communicating and monitoring fitness. The watch is looking very good and it’s a good idea to mixt technology with fashion, the popular musician believes. 

The famous musician, with his real name as William Adams, was recently much involved in tech world, also being a founding investor in Beats Electronics. This company was sold to Apple this year for 3 billion dollars. With his payout as an investor, managed to put over 15 million dollars into forming his own company, named is not new in this domain, he had also been a consultant to two big companies in the past, BlackBerry and Intel.

Earlier this week, was asked early how he feels about the competition with the Apple Watch. “When you have something you want to put on your body, there are options. You don’t have one pair of shoes or jeans. In the world of fashion you need options. And in the world of wearable tech: I’m providing another option for you,” the famous singer answered. It’s not a secret that Will has a long association with Apple and he and the Black Eyed Peas have appeared in Apple ads.

The PULS SmartWatch comes with a 16GB of storage onboard, GPS, 1GB of RAM, a battery that goes around the bracelet, accelerometer and pedometer, a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and is powered by an Android-based platform. This watch also connects to the Internet not only with WiFi, but also via 3G, which means that Puls has carrier partners and works with O2 in the UK and AT&T in the US.

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