Will Google Drive Launch Next Week?

Cloud storage tools have grown to become a huge selling point for anybody trying to choose between Apple’s iOS and Android. With Google’s upcoming Google Drive the balance will lean in favor of Android’s daddy. With everybody pumped about the free 5GB available on Google Drive, reports claim that the new cloud storage tool will launch next week.

It goes without saying: it pays to have access to your data regardless of the gadget you’re using or the location you’re in. Dropbox has been a viable solution but once Google Drive will launch, this cloud storage tool is going to go down fast. And the launch date for Google Drive might be closer than imagined.

The news that Google Drive will launch next week comes from that writes it got a draft release from one of Google’s partners on the cloud storage solution. Apparently Google Drive launches next week on Tuesday and it is going to burry Dropbox with some 5GB of storage for free. published a link towards the partner release, but when accessed the page gives the “Not Found” 404 error. But the release could have been deleted after the news about the upcoming Google Drive release surfaced.

Meanwhile, Tech Crunch says that Google Drive is already alive. The writer explains he was able to download and run the app, by logging into his Gmail account. However, the app soon become idle and threw the error: “Google Drive is not yet enabled for your account”.

One thing is for sure: when Google Drive will become available, Dropbox is going to lose users fast. Just consider the following numbers: Dropbox gives only 2GB for free, but you can upgrade to $9.99 a month or $99 a year for another 50GB. If that’s not enough you can switch to $19.99 a month or $199 a year for a 100 GB storage.

But Google Drive is offering for free 5GB for starters, which is going to simply kill Dropbox’s number of free users.  At the same time, Google’s new storage tool is going to give Apple huge headaches, particularly since at this moment there’s no online drive option coming from the Silicon Valley based company.

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