Will Apple Tell Samsung Its HTC Secrets?

Based on a recent report published by CNET News, Apple was ordered to tell Samsung its HTC secrets on Thursday. As expected, the Cupertino, California company fought back by asking judges to prohibit many more Samsung items from being sold on the USA market.

The legal battle between Apple and Samsung has not yet come to an end. In fact, things could get a lot worse in the future as a judge ruled on Thursday that Apple should disclose the patent deal they signed with HTC to Samsung. The iPhone maker was forced to bite the bullet, but they will continue to find new ways to defeat Samsung.

Analysts explained that the judge’s decision was perfectly justified. According to them, the patent deal that was signed between Apple and HTC could help establish that the South Korean company did not infringe Apple’s patents.

Samsung’s legal representatives were the ones who suggested that HTC’s deal with Apple should be revealed to the public. Their request came after the Chinese company told the press that their products do not infringe Apple’s patents. After the Thursday’s order, the two contracts will be subject to analysis, so experts can determine whether they contain the same provisions or not. “If so, Samsung argues, Apple’s request that infringing Samsung products be removed from the market falls apart, because Apple was happy to “forego exclusivity in exchange for money”. The South Korean manufacturer is already paying $1.049 billion based on the court’s decision in August.

The iPhone maker is determined to keep Samsung’s products off the market shelves, so lawyers have renewed their request after Thursday. The latter added several other products to the list of Samsung items that should not be allowed in the U.S. According to the Cupertino-based company, Samsung Galaxy SIII , Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 8.9 Wifi, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, Samsung’s Rugby Pro and Samsung’s Galaxy S III Mini should be banned from stores because they have infringed Apple’s patents.


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