Will Antonio Garay be the next Dennis Rodman?

It sure looks like it! Eccentric is the way to be for Antonio Garay, the 31 year old Defensive Takle of the San Diego Chargers. He was able to earn the starting job at nose tackle for the bulk of the 2010 season, and he finished 2010 with 48 tackles and 5.5 sacks, leading all San Diego defensive linemen in both categories. But football rivals aren’t the only ones shocked by Garay. He has a strange habbit of constantly changing his hair, adding shapes and fancy colors to it. “I didn’t realize how many people felt that me having a normal haircut was weird so I decide to fresh up!”, Antonio said. Maybe Dennis Rodman, the Hall of Fame professional basketball player had a huge influence over him. “Dennis the Menace” was known for his bizarre haircuts, piercings and tattoos and of course his alcohol issues and legal troubles. Role model or not, Dennis Rodman was a force in the NBA defence, same as Garay is a beast in NFL.

 The last stunt Garay pulled out gave a new meaning to the expression “fast and furious” : the 320-pound Chargers defender was seen driving a red Smart car with a “Hello Kitty” logo on the side. And yes! He must have enjoyed it because his tweet on the subject sounded like this: “I wish I had 4 hands 2 give the Hello Kitty drop top Smart car 4 thumbs UP but 2 will do.” To prove his point, Antonio brought his teammate, Cam Thomas, in the car as well and surprisingly the Smart handled the enormous weight really well. Maybe the Smart developers wanted to challenge the vehicle on purpose…who knows?!

 We don’t know if in this case Rodman would have aceepted to put on the “girly show”, but the old saying is “Any publicity is good publicity”. Fact is Antonio Garay manages to stay unique and to draw attention to his outlandish actions being the closest to what an NFL version of Dennis Rodman should look like.

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