Why Was Tim Tebow Booed At Yankee Stadium

When I first got the news about Tim Tebow being booed at Yankee Stadium, I must say it came a little bit as a shock. Tebow is a mega star in football and has millions of fans that stand by him. Not to mention he is the sweetheart of many companies on the lookout for that god like professional athlete to represent them. I’m guessing there are many others that are wondering why was Tim Tebow booed at Yankee Stadium.

This guy was called to have a service on Easter in Texas and 15,000 people spent their Sunday in Georgetown listening to an NFL quarterback talking about faith. Some said it was a peak of the Tebow-mania that won’t be topped any time soon. So why did people on the Yankee Stadium find Tim Tebow so unpleasant to bear at the game?

Washington Post found several possible reasons: “the brand-spanking new Yankees cap” Tim Tebow was wearing at the game, or perhaps the fact the quarterback stood close to Dwyane Wade. If you missed out the recent news in Tim Tebow’s life, the quarterback has been traded and he is now a backup for the New York Jets. So, perhaps those that booed him weren’t exactly happy with that.

But as other sports stars have found, when fans boo them it’s mostly because they imagine their actual playing skills are rubbish even if they are insanely popular. For Tim Tebow that’s really bad news. There are a lot of fans arguing that once you take away the media’s spotlight and the advertising gigs, Tim Tebow remains a plain and common quarterback.

Dwyane Wade sat behind Tim Tebow and got his own share of booing. But for him the booing soon turned in cheers after Wade held up the Yankees Cap. New York Jet’s new backup quarterback wasn’t as inspired and as cameras were putting Tebow on the giant video board, all he could do was smile just a bit, as fans were booing.

So, if Tim Tebow wants to have fans among the New York Jets’ supporters, he’d better prove his skills with the first chance he gets, because simply wearing a Yankees cap isn’t going to get him the needed respect just yet.

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  1. I think it is extremely rude and insensitive to make fun of someone because they are Christian. I am speaking of Tim Tebow.
    Isn’t that like the pot calling the kettle black. LIberals or so -called modern thinkers do not like it if someone criticizes Rosie for being fat & gay or Bill Maher for being verbally abusive but let someone else have strong beliefs ….hold on to your hat! Somehow that is different?????

  2. They can boo Tebow all they want. The loudest boos from New Yorkers can’t change the fact that Tebow is the best-loved athlete in the planet.

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