Why The New iPad Isn’t iPad 3

Some people expected Apple to pull out something like this with its new iPad. As new features aren’t exactly enough to get customers raving about the new tablet, here’s why the new iPad isn’t called iPad 3.

If you have a good memory or are a real Apple fan, you surely find it quite to be too much of a coincidence that the new iPad doesn’t exactly bring too many added features. The company pulled exactly the same thing with its so long awaited iPhone 5, which was in fact iPhone 4S. A smartphone that brought to the table the Siri technology, which for many users it is completely useless.

Over the past few months, the media has been raving about iPad 3, which surprise, surprise was launched as the plain new iPad. Those invited to Apple’s media event scheduled earlier this week in San Francisco, were expecting a gadget that will completely change everything they knew and experienced in personal gadgets at the moment. 

Once again, Apple failed to bring the expected innovation, but even if the new iPad is a little bit disappointing, most consumers will surely be convinced by the price, 4G/LTE compatibility and the 10 hour battery life. 

As the time passes, and Apple releases seem to be increasingly less sensational, there’s one aspect that becomes more obvious. Innovation and high tech apps that made Apple the first choice when it came to smartphones and tablets have become a thing of the past. At the moment, this company brings in clients thanks to the culture it managed to create. A lesson in marketing and consumer fidelity that business students today should definitely be taught.

Although Apple didn’t even went to the trouble to give its new iPad an actual number, which was associated with an upgrade in user experience and technology, analysts tried to focus on the full half of the glass. However, despite them pointing out to the $499 retailing price of the new iPad, strong battery, 4G compatibility and better resolution, it goes without saying that the tablet is disappointing.

However, industry reporters following Apple, had a way different take on the new iPad. Computer World put together their comments and a short look at the list is enough to see the new iPad has failed to impress. Meanwhile, we’ll still be waiting for iPad 3.

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  1. The name change was done from a practical necessity. This is a sign of new products to come.

    This is a confirmation that iPads with different form factors are coming down the line.

    I think it is a smart move. I think 2012 will see an IPad Mini and it is better for Apple to use a naming structure like the iPod family.

    Using a number sets unreasonable expectation for the family – they could have called the Iphone 4s an Iphone 5 – there were enough software and hardware changes to merit the change.

    Calling it Ipad HD, as was much speculated, would create problems down the line – iPad mini HD??

    It may look funny that they did not explain the change in approach, but then they would have had to tell you of the iPad Mini to come, and that is definitely not Apple!

  2. This “article” is disappointing. It’s reminiscent of the initial pooh-poohing of the iPad 1. Try using it before you call it “disappointing” or speculating why it isn’t called a “iPad 3”.

  3. Is this article for real? Have you even seen the new iPad in person before declaring it a disappointment? You do realize the pixel density on a screen of this size has never been achieved before by any other company. 4x the resolution at least doubles the power consumption yet Apple was able to engineer a battery that is capable of keeping up with the power hungry display and staying relatively the same size. The author couldn’t recognize innovation if it slapped them in the face.

  4. I was dissapointed to be honest, but I always have high expectations for apple releases. I would say this more like a 2s but as people realised with the 4s it just isnt worth to upgrade for that little “s”. I think what makes ipad/iphone etc great now is the app developers make rather than the physical product.

    The camera should have been better on the ipad 2 and I feel they are always playing catch up rather than being the lead.

    The screen is very impressive indeed, Having had both android and apple devices I personaly cant pick a winner just yet I like “making it mine” with widgets etc with android, additional ports and other forward thinking technology such as 3D on the LG/HTC phones but apple is very easy to use/sync (I still cant sort my android music how I want it and my files are all over the place) and the apps available are second to none.

    I just cant stand how much apple milk their products and really wish they would just make them the best they can be.

    The new ipad isnt amazing by a long shot but it is a good reliable product so for myself I think it will be down to price which is what makes the ipad 2 the front runner.

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