Why Jerry O’Connell and wife Rebecca Romijn renewed vows on 11/11/11?

Actor Jerry O’Connell and wife Rebecca Romijn have decided to renew their vows on 11/11/11. He talked to People magazine about his reasons to take the step and what other details containing the number “11” they included in their ceremony.

Apparently there is something about Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn’s marriage that has to do with symmetry. “If we happen to look at our phone and it’s 11:11, one of us always texts the other” the actor told People magazine in an interview, explaining: “There’s two of us – Rebecca and I – and the two of our kids”.  Not that there is something special with their family number – most of the American families have 4 members. But they decided to give it significance.

So, with the November 11, 2011 coming up, they decided they should do something particularly special this day. “A couple of nights ago, I said to Rebecca, ‘We should renew our vows at 11:11 and 11 seconds on 11/11”, O’ Connell said. Now that’s time engineering! More than that, Rebecca thought of a certain location, also involving the number “11”: the 11th Street and 11th Ave, New York City.
And so they did. “I didn’t think [renewing our vows] was gonna be so emotional” O Connell confessed, and added that he might have been even more emotional that Rebecca.

This time, they did not have the time for a special “11” honeymoon, and O’Connell even said he felt bad for having to leave his wife in order to perform in the “Seminar” on Broadway. He wished he didn’t leave Rebecca home to take care of “those two crazies”, as he described their daughters. 

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