Why Did Lady Gaga Shave Her Hair?

Singer Lady Gaga changed her hairstyle for the umpteenth time because she wanted to make a nice gesture for her friend, Terry Richardson. The photographer, who has taken so many pictures of the singer, recently lost his mom, Annie Lomax, so Lady Gaga wanted to show her support by shaving part of her head, according to People magazine.

A new trend will soon make its way among celebrities: shaving heads for one social cause or another. Several celebrities have already given up their locks by completely shaving their heads in order to encourage cancer patients to undergo therapy. Lady Gaga, too, wanted to do something nice for the photographer who has constantly taken snapshots of her, so she went through a drastic hairstyle change.

Hair has always been Lady Gaga’s favorite means of expression, so I, for one, was not too impressed to hear that the singer shaved her head. In fact, I was expecting this from her, considering that so many actresses and singers did it before. The surprise was yet to come: apparently, Lady Gaga shaved only the back side of her hair to mourn the famous photographer’s mom. She chose this particular hairstyle because she thought it resembled Terry Richardson’s hairline. What a better way to ease someone’s pain than to remind him that he is old and bald?

Needless to say, the act of bravery that Gaga accomplished was a big disappointment. To me, at least. The new shaved hairstyle gives me the impression that the singer desperately wanted to be a part of the ‘shaved celebrities’ trend, but she was torn between giving up her long tresses and supporting a cause. In the end, she found a middle-way solution and decided to shave only the back of her head. The unseen part, that is.

She posted the first pic with the new hairstyle on her blog followed by the message “I did it for you, Terry”. She further added she was deeply saddened to hear about Terry’s loss and concluded by saying that his mother had “princess die, but were all princess high”. Whatever that may mean.

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