Why Did Facebook Ban MessageMe App From Accessing Its Social Graph?

Months after Facebook introduced its closed-circuit search engine, Social Graph, the social network realized one of its apps was illegally using its “Find Friends” option. The app, called MessageMe, can no longer be integrated within Facebook, according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s decision.

Facebook announces on Monday that the MessageMe app will no longer be available for its users. The decision came after engineers noticed that the app is a perfect copy of Facebook’s Messenger and that allowing subscribers to use it would affect its search engine.

The social network has always been preoccupied of reducing its rivals’ access to files. In 2010, for instance, Facebook met with Twitter users’ discontent after CEO Ev Williams revealed that Mark Zuckerberg’s company is not willing to allow content exchange between the two social networks. The saga of cut offs continued last month with the company’s decision to stop the Voxer app from accessing its social graph, a move that is very similar to the current MessageMe situation.

The Facebook-Voxer argument was followed by a series of restrictions that the social network is willing to impose to its app developers. Zuckerberg’s company requested that all apps shared their content back and avoided as much as possible replicating Facebook’s core functionality. Twitter’s Vine hours and Yandex’s app Wonder, were just two of the apps that Facebook rejected after the introduction of the new policy.

MessageMe, like many other apps, refuses to share content back to Facebook, given that users don’t want their messages to be disclosed; therefore, the app will no longer have access to the social graph. Analysts don’t expect the app to be negatively influenced by Facebook’s decision because the program does not rely on the search engine provided by the social network, but rather on the address book. Vine hours is not the #1 social networking spot in the U.S. on iOS App Store, so the program was definitely not affected by Facebook’s ban.

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