Why Did Chris Brown Lie About Fulfilling His Court-Ordered Community Service?

Chris Brown declared in a past interview that he fulfilled his court-ordered community service for beating his then-girlfriend Rihanna, but investigators’ reports show the opposite. According to L.A.’s DA, the singer’s terms of probation could be modified in the following days and Brown could be forced to do community service in Los Angeles, the Atlantic Wire informs.

The media and the public forgave Chris Brown for being brutal with his former girlfriend, Rihanna. As a matter of fact, the Barbadian singer was the first to lend Brown a helping hand when his career seemed to have been negatively influenced by his behavior. The R & B singer didn’t seem to be impressed by Rihanna’s compassion and caused just as many discussions as he used to before his recent comeback.

Although Rihanna and Chris Brown continue to talk to each other and spend as much time together as possible, the supreme jury, that is, the public did not forget the interpreter’s mistake. The “Favor” singer is, in fact, harshly criticized by his former fans and he could very soon face new court orders for his past episode of aggression.

This time, however, judges will no longer be as kind as they were in 2009, when they first discussed Brown’s case. Back then, authorities agreed to transfer the singer’s community service to Virginia where his residence was, but new investigations have shown that the rapper dodged the completion of his court order. Investigators from Los Angeles went to Virginia to determine whether the singer did accomplish his community service and found out that there was no evidence in this direction. The Department of Corrections Probation and Parole Office in Virginia stated that they have never verified or approved any community service in Chris Brown’s name.

Chris Brown has recently had another aggressive episode with rapper Frank Ocean. The two met in a parking lot and the altercation began when Ocean allegedly refused to shake hands with Brown. Chris’ legal representatives claim their client had nothing to do with the altercation; that he was just a witness to the fight. Unfortunately, there have been too many violent episodes, including the brawl with RiRi’s boyfriend Drake, for the court to show any more compassion towards the singer. His next trial could be a lot more difficult than the 2009 one and Brown could receive a much more severe punishment besides community service.

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