Whoopi Goldberg Turns 57; Celebrates With Guest Post on “666 Park Avenue”

Actress Whoopi Goldberg has just accomplished 57 years old and writers at “666 Park Avenue” decided to celebrate the event by offering her a guest post on the show. The episode of the NBC drama will be broadcast on December 2, according to Reuters.

Great things have taken place in Whoopi Goldberg’s life recently. She celebrated her 57th anniversary on November 13 and she received an invitation from several NBC producers to feature on their drama “666 Park Avenue”.

Executive producer, David Wilcox was the first to communicate the news about Goldberg’s guest post. He told reporters at Reuters that the writers on the show wanted to have the Oscar-winning star on the series, so they wrote a special part for her. Whoopi will play Maris Elder, “a mysterious resident of the Drake who helps Jane unlock the secret of the building’s true evil origins”. The writers confessed that they were impressed by the fact that Whoopi is a fan of horror films, so they wanted to reward her through a special part.

The episode, which will be broadcast on December 2, is expected to draw large numbers of viewers. Whoopi’s character will get involved in time travel in addition to other mysterious deeds she will have to accomplish. Maris Elder will hypnotize Jane, who is interpreted by Rachel Taylor, and help her return to the era of the Roaring Twenties.

The executive producer did not say whether Whoopi will feature in other episodes besides the aforementioned one. The actress was invited to make numerous guest posts this year on various shows. So far, she made televised appearances on “The Middle”, “Suburgatory” and “Glee”. Fans will be happy to hear that the actress will also make a comeback in the movie industry this year with her most recent flick “Black Dog, Red Dog”. In addition, they can watch her every day during the talk show “The View”.

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