Who won ‘The Biggest Loser’?

Once again the old saying “win some, lose some” proved itself true when the special education teacher from Arizona, John Rhode won ‘The Biggest Loser’. Only this time the winner lost a staggering 225 lbs. during the Tuesday’s finale of the NBC show, as Us Weekly reports. Read the full article to find out more details.

The final edition of ‘The Biggest Loser’ season 12 took place on Tuesday and viewers were able to see the biggest transformation of the show. At the beginning of the current season John weighted 445 lbs. and according to the final measurements he was only 220 lbs. when the show ended. Nevertheless, his pockets were a lot heavier because the special education teacher won $250,000 for his efforts.

Rhode declared during the interview that he loves his new body and he feels a lot better now that he is thinner. He told Us reporters that his new look gives him a different attitude towards life, that is, he is a lot more optimistic because he knows that he can challenge all his limits.

Rhode’s trainer did not show a lot of optimism when he visited his trainee’s house last week. He seriously doubted that John will be able to change his life because of the things he found out during the visit. According to Quince, John deferred all his household duties to his wife and refused to go to work in order to spend more time at the gym. In the end, the special education teacher was right; after all, there was a big sum of money at stake.

Despite his previous statement, Quince fundamentally changed his opinion during the last edition of the 12 season. He stated that he is very proud of his trainee because he managed to pull it off. Moreover, Quince congratulated Rhode for understanding that this change was not just a temporary loss of weight, but a permanent change of lifestyle. Rhode knows that he must continue to work hard if he wants to remain as fit as he is now.

There were several other prizes besides the big award that was handed to Rhode. TV producer Jennifer Rumple won $100,000 because she lost 145 lbs. and 43.94% of her body weight while exercising at home.

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