Who stole John Travolta’s vintage 70s Mercedes?

The police in Santa Monica are trying to solve the mystery of who stole actor John Travolta’s vintage70s Mercedes-Benz from a parking lot the past weekend. The robber needed only 10 minutes to act on it and the police have no clue who did it up to this moment, Us Magazine reports.

John Travolta was robbed of his vintage 70s car over the past weekend. The Hollywood actor left his vehicle in a parking lot in Santa Monica, in order to check out the cars at a Jaguar dealership. It took no longer than a few minutes for a yet unknown thief to break into the Mercedes-Benz 280 SL model and make it disappear. The actor alerted the Santa Monica Police Department immediately.

Travolta’s representatives did not comment on the car robbery just yet. However, the police spokesperson confirmed that the car reported as stolen is indeed the property of the “Hairspray” and “Savages” star. So far, the officers don’t have any leads in the case.
John Travolta, 57, is a passionate vintage car collector. His collection includes, among other models, a Rolls-Royce, a Jaguar XJ6 and three classic Thunderbirds. The 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280 SL which disappeared is estimated at a price a little under 100,000 dollars.

When talking about his cars, in 2007, Travolta said that he only uses them for small distances. “I love the fact that they could achieve speed and distance with such style. I don’t use them for long journeys any more, but to just enjoy the drive”, he said about his Ford cars.

Apart from his passion for vintage cars, the “Grease” actor also has a pilot flying license that he got in 1974. Now, he owns his own personal plane: a Boeing 707 aircraft. And actually, he has a flight terminal built on his property in Florida.

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  1. C’mon I would of thought a little inexpensive protection to a classic car would be a must, Even a cheap GSM £35(UK) tracker would of located it by know!

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