Who Is The Winner Of “Survivor: One World”?

Another season of the American competitive show “Survivor: One World” has come to an end and the name of the winner is now on everybody’s lips. According to Entertainment News, the finale battle was between five female competitors and, in the end, Kim Spradlin was crowned champion of the season.

Viewers knew that the winner of the 24th season of the CBS’ show “Survivor: One World” was going to be a woman because the last five competitors in the game were Alicia, Chelsea, Christina, Kim, and Sabrina. Those who have watched every episode of the series were not surprised to see that Kim Spradlin was crowned champion because she had very good results throughout the entire season.

“Survivor: One World” requires various abilities on behalf of the players. In the end, there was but one participant who was well-prepared for the social, strategic and physical challenges of the show and that was Kim. She managed to obtain the first place after eliminating Alicia (5th place) and Christina (4th place) in the previous episodes. Sabrina and Chelsea were the players she eliminated in the finals.

Kim has always been the favorite competitor for the title of “Survivor”. She managed to obtain two immunity challenges throughout the season which eventually led to her victory.

Kat was the second member of the jury who was very appreciated by viewers at home. She impressed everyone with her impartiality after advising the rest of the jury members to leave their anger aside and to vote the best player. She told the Tribal Council that being angry on someone requires much more energy than to simply forgive and be happy; thus determining the rest of the members to vote for Kim.

Thanks to “Survivor: One World”, Kim Spradlin has just enriched her bank account with one million dollar. The winner did not say whether she plans to invest the money in her bridal shop business or retire, but we expect more declarations from her in the future.

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