Who Could Play in Star Wars 7 by Hollywood Executives

Disney bought LucasFilm and announced Star Wars 7 will be released in 2015. Fans are not thrilled and everybody is asking who could play in Star Wars 7. Fox News asked Hollywood executives who they see as Star Wars 7 actors.

Disney has big plans for Star Wars. The company has already announced it will release Star Wars 7 in 2015. Fans say the Disney vision will ruin the story since all characters in the movie must be replaced. Now, the most debated question is who could play the Disney Luke, Leia and Han Solo.

George Lucas seemed content somebody else took over Star Wars. “Disney is a huge corporation; they have all kinds of capabilities and facilities. There is a lot of strength to be gained by this” said the filmmaker in a video posted Tuesday. “We could go on making ‘Star Wars’ for the next 100 years” George Lucas added.

Fans on the other hand are disappointed and worried the next Star Wars movie will ruin it. “I don’t want a new movie. Star Wars has had enough movies. And they can’t cast new people to be Han, Leia and Luke. The original cast members are too old for this stuff” reads a comment on courtneysmovieblog.

Fox News asked Hollywood executives who could play in the next Star Wars movie. Gabriela Tagliavini, film director, sees Rooney Mara playing Princess Leia and Emilie Hirsch as Luke Skywalker.

“In her day, Leia was considered a very sexy role and I think these young actresses have that potential” said Bold Films co-president Gary Michael Walters about Nina Dobrev and Lilly Collins. He goes on to say that Liam Hemsworth and Anton Yelchin could play Luke Skywalker. As for Han Solo, Gary Michael Walters says it “could be the perfect role for” Ryan Gosling.

Zachary Bryan, producer and founder of Vision Entertainment Group, also sees Ryan Gosling as Han Solo. But he also thinks Tom Hardy, James Franco, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Channing Tatum could be a good fit. “Felicity Jones, Jennifer Lawrence and Isabel Lucas could be cast as Princess Leia. Top directorial candidates, I would shortlist Joss Whedon and Bryan Singer” he added.

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  1. Every single one of those actors mentioned would be TERRIBLE. Thry don’t have the attitude. Emilie Hirsch as Luke? No fn way. And Ryan Gosling is way too sexy boy to play Han, you need someone with the attitude. That’s what it’s all about.. Suave and flattering, someone who’s not a Mickey Mouse club kid. Joseph Gordon levity at Luke? Again, no way, I love Joseph don’t get me wrong, but he IS ALL WRONG for Luke. He’s not even blonde! Yea sure makeup and wigs ok, but we need to know what era these movies will be before we can decide. Let me be casting director, trust me, I know these characters inside and out.. Fans should vote on who is cast if they can’t have Harrison back. Though I heard he’s interested and that’d be the best thing ever. no one but Harrison can be Han, and if someone else has to be, it should be us fans-who’ve made this story a gigantically huge part of our lives-who have a say. We can’t have some Disney studio exec (I’m actually a fan of Disney buying SW and keeping the legacy going) arbitrarily picking the actors, it needs to be a consensus because us fans are the ones who will be affected. We’re the ones who will be upset when the wrong actor is cast. Just like Hayden Christensen he was a fn terrible Vader! TERRIBLE! And the only reason he was cast was because he knew someone? That’s horrible. I could go on and on, but I feel strongly fans should be able to have some say in casting. I love Rooney Mara too, but honestly, have these people even seen Star Wars? She would be a terrible Leia as well.. Everyone mentioned would be.. Acting for Padme was terrible as well, need someone refreshing and not monotone. Laid back and funny, someone like John Cusak to be Han, wacky and crazy! Cause that’s who Han is. And we live him for it.. Definitely not macho man Gosling.. Don’t ruin this chance to make this great like the prequels did.. PLEASE.

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