Whitney Houston’s Will Leaves Everything To Bobbi Kristina

February brought the worst news for Whitney Houston’s fans and family. Last month, the diva died leaving behind a music industry in mourning and distressed fans and family. Now, a few weeks after, Whitney Houston’s will has been opened. The diva left everything to her daughter, Bobbi Kristina.

Whitney Houston signed her will on February 3rd 1993, just one month before Bobbi Kristina came into the world. Now age 19, Bobbi Kristina becomes the inheritor of more than just Whitney Houston’s wealth. Her inheritance pertains to the image and talent of her mom too.

According to TMZ, Whitney Houston’s will was filed yesterday, March 7th in Atlanta. The document held the requirement to place the diva’s money in a trust that will be managed by sister in law Patricia Houston. Whitney Houston’s mother, Cissy has been appointed executor, while Donna, sister in law, and Michael, brother, have been named trustees.

These people will be in charged with taking care of Whitney Houston’s wealth until Bobbi Kristina will be old enough to get her full inheritance. The will stipulates that Bobbi Kristina will be able to inherit part of the wealth once she turns 21. The rest will come at 25 and then at 30. However, Bobbi does get all the assets Whitney Houston owned. The list includes clothing, jewelry, cars, all sorts of accessories and furnishings.

But as things usually go in the celebrity world, the years will sure bring along a series of family disputes over the purpose of Whitney Houston’s money. Do take notice that the trustees Whitney Houston named have the right to make anything they want of her money.

On February 11, Whitney Houston’s body was found in a hotel room in Los Angeles. Only several days before the tragic event, the media was releasing reports regarding her decay from a world class diva to substance abuse and her “addiction” to singer Bobby Brown. Authorities are still waiting for the toxicology report to come in to release a confirmed cause of death.

February 18, Whitney Houston was put to rest next to her father’s grave, following a ceremony that was just as popular as the Grammy Awards.

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