Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Cristina confides in Oprah Winfrey

The famous American talk-show host, Oprah Winfrey, announced on Tuesday that she has prepared a special interview featuring Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Cristina. The latter told the press that she admitted to release an interview for Winfrey because she was always good to her mother and never talked bad about her. The interview will be available during Oprah’s show on March 11.

Only several weeks have passed since Whitney Houston was found lifeless in her hotel room in Beverly Hills. The news came as a shock for all people in the media, but the family members were the ones who suffered the most. As if this loss was not enough, the media aggravated the family’s pain by publishing photos illustrating the artists in an open coffin. In addition, some publications have even gone so far as to recreate the death scene of the singer.

Given these circumstances, Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Cristina refused to speak to other reporters besides Oprah Winfrey. She declared that the talk show host is the only one she trusts because she was always good to her mother and never made offensive statements about her. Based on the promotional clip, Winfrey will also discuss with Houston’s brother Gary and his wife, Patricia. The interview will most likely contain many touching scenes including the one in which Winfrey embraces Bobbi Cristina.

The guests have finally agreed to talk about issues that were kept secret during the singer’s life, such as, her addiction to drugs and her relationship with Bobby Brown. Winfrey had the courage to ask Gary Houston what was his relationship with Bobby Brown given that the musician was often blamed for Whitney’s drug addiction.

Oprah Winfrey has always been a close friend of the family which is why the guests felt at ease to share some of their family secrets with the talk show host. Winfrey promised that she will not ask Bobbi Cristina any question that might make her feel uncomfortable because Oprah is aware of the pain that the 19-year-old has gone through in the past month.

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