Pop Music’s Queen Whitney Houston dies at age 48

After enchanting millions of fans across the world with her divine voice, Whitney Houston died at the age of 48, according to a recent report published by Reuters. The singer was found lifeless in her suite on the fourth floor of the Beverly Hills hotel. She was pronounced dead on Saturday afternoon at 3:55 p.m., but the cause of death is still unknown.

The singer was expected to attend the pre-Grammy Awards party hosted by her mentor, mogul Clive Davis, but she was found dead in her hotel room in Beverly Hills. According to Lieutenant Mark Rosen of the Beverly Hills Police, the hotel security was notified about the incident by someone in Miss Houston’s party. The hotel staff made a 911 call at 3.43 p.m. The fire personnel were already present at the party, so they could attempt to resuscitate her. Unfortunately, it was too late and the singer was pronounced dead.

Doctors will perform an autopsy to determine the real cause of the Houston’s death. The singer was found in the bath tub with numerous prescription drugs in the room. Although most of the proofs found in the room suggest that drug abuse was the main cause of her demise, an autopsy is required to see whether Houston drowned or not.

Despite the dreadful event, celebrities continued to have fun at the pre-Grammy party. Some guests at the hotel watched the news of Whitney Houston’s death on television, while others cheered the arrival of celebrities like Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian on the red carpet.

Whitney Houston struggled to defeat her drug addiction for many years. In 2011, she made a public appearance saying that she completely recovered and was ready to restart her music career. Despite this promising comeback, the singer began to act strangely in the past few weeks. Hotel staff told the press that the singer was seen doing handstands by the pool on Thursday. She partied with some of her friends in the hotel bar the night before she died.

Tony Bennett performed a tribute in honor of the late singer at the pre-Grammy party. He declared that Whitney Houston was one of the greatest singers he knew in his life and expressed his regret to see that so many talents like Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse and Houston leave this world.

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  1. She was definitely an inspiration as a singer but she is far from it as an example to her fans in terms of her personal life. Not sure if she deserves such honor for a drug addict.

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