White House to support contraception rules

Spokespersons announced on Tuesday that the White House will support contraception rules by requiring health insurers to offer birth control coverage, says Reuters. In order for the new policy to be implemented the Obama administration will have to discuss with Catholic universities, hospitals and other church-affiliated employers.

The Roman Catholic Church expressed its concerns in relation to the new policy offering birth control coverage. David Axelrod, a senior campaign adviser to President Barack Obama, reassured everyone that the religious freedom will not be abridged by the new rules. Even so, the administration is not willing to reverse its course because of the pressure coming from church leaders and Republican candidates.

Axelrod released an interview saying that the contraception rules are very important for women in America. Consequently, the administration has to make sure that the issues are solved in the most appropriate way. The message was confirmed by Jay Carney, the White House spokesperson, who further stated that the administration is willing to cooperate with religious organizations in order to find ways that could help them implement the policy without affecting the religious belief of some women.

U.S. Catholic bishops have criticized the Obama administration for the policy they proposed on January 20. Based on the new regulations, health insurances should include birth control and other preventative health services for women. Catholic actions were adopted across the country this weekend in order to determine Obama to back down.

Cardinal-designate Timothy Dolan, archbishop of New York and president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, stated in an official declaration last month that the administration is forcing women to choose between infringing religious beliefs and forgoing their healthcare. Many Catholic schools have rejected the policy saying that they will fight with all the means they have against the provision. In addition, non-Catholic students must understand that these schools will not provide such health services.

Discussions began in 2010 when a provision was adopted in the healthcare bill to offer preventative services for women. Researchers at the Institute of Medicine argued that extended health services are necessary to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

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