Which Diet Burns Most Calories?

By now, everyone who tried losing weight at least once knows that the right diet can go a long way. We’ve all got different metabolism and it might be very frustrating when the same diet is effective for your work colleague but it does nothing for you. So, which diet burns most calories for you?

A study of three separate diets shows losing weight effectively implies more than just cutting back on calories. The research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association explains its knowing what kind of calories to cut from your diet that actually burns calories. In other words, the diet that burns most calories implies being smart about it.

Scientists say that it’s a certain proportion of calories that will help you both lose weight and not gain some more. For instance, a diet based on fruits and vegetables with grains can help you burn an additional 150 calories a day than a low fat diet.

The low-carb diet is without a doubt the one that burns most calories. This diet helps you burn 325 calories more a day as opposed to the low fat 150 calories diet. However, burning calories at such a fast pace puts you at risk of heart disease. But some might prefer it for its fast results. The calories that it burns are “equivalent to about an hour of moderate physical activity” but you’re not actually lifting a finger, explained the researchers.

David Ludwig, Boston’s New Balance Foundation Obesity Prevention Center director and senior author of the study, points out “all calories are not alike”. He told Business Week: “rather than trying to eliminate fat or carbohydrates choose the middle ground that lets you eat the widest variety of foods as long as the focus remains on the quality of the nutrients”.

As many of you might have already learned it the hard way, some diets work only temporary. All the calories you burned at a fast pace and at intense effort were for nothing if you’re not on the right diet. Ludwig advises “you can get a jump start with a low-carb diet, but over the long term, a low-glycemic index diet may be better than severely restricting carbohydrates”.

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