Where to get free stuff on National Coffee Day

First of all, we wish you a happy National Coffee Day! Second, let us make ourselves useful to you, our reader, and show you how you can benefit the most from these flavored 24 hours. Some of the most popular coffee shops in America have come up with original ways to celebrate the day of the second most tasted beverage in the world: some give away free stuff, others put you in their advertisements.

Tea may have the number one spot and beer may be coming strong from behind in the top of the most popular beverages worldwide, but in these chilly mornings of the fall, there is nothing more reinvigorating than a cup of hot coffee with a hypnotic steam that rises from the dark liquor into the air and dances under your nose. Well, it’s this type of poetry of the senses that made the National Coffee Day possible.

If you want to attract a free cup of coffee, all you have to do is head to 7-11, Caribou Coffee, Thornton’s or Krispy Kreme. If you woke up late, skip 7-11, because the free coffee is done by 11 a.m. If you hit Caribou, take a friend with you as you get the chance to buy two and pay for one only.

Although reported as ignoring the National Coffee Day, one of the most popular coffee shops, Dunkin Donuts, has something prepared to the java lovers. They may not give away free coffee, but all the buyers today have the chance of winning one the ten apparitions in the company’s advertisements. Not convinced it’s worth the walk? Check this out: 10 people have the chance to win free coffee for one year.

However, another famous coffee shop chain is ignoring the holiday and they are doing it for real. Starbucks seems from another planet today. No special tweets, no Facebook posts so far.

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