When Versace meets H&M

You have probably seen the Versace H&M collection in stores by now and you have already noticed the color explosion, the sophisticated look and the affordable prices. This fall, Versace meets H&M to bring you a new refreshing style you are going to love and embrace within seconds.

The Versace H&M collection was launched in New York on November 9. The event was of large proportions, including – as expected – the presence of numerous celebrities. Among them, there was Jessica Alba, Blake Lively, Nicki Minaj, Sofia Coppola and Uma Thurman. The fashion presentation was done in very high class manner, making the guests feel like they were royalty.
When it comes to the clothes, they were received very well. “Versace is iconic. People are going to eat it up”, said Lazaro Hernandez, who praised the idea of collaboration between the two fashion names, that until now, did not seem to have something in common. One thing that strikes, at a first look, is the colors. Very vibrant and very exotic, they remind us of summer of the beach and of vacation and relaxation, in general.  The wavy dresses, the short skirts, the intriguingly patterned tights are combined with neutral elements that enhance the colors and the life in the fabric.

If you are interested in the collection, you can learn about it on the official website of H&M. A leather jacket with quilted details on yoke and sleeves is 299 dollars. A long-sleeved knee-length dress in patterned silk is priced at 149 dollars.

The clothing collection also features a shoe collection. A pair of black suede boots with front laces and a one-of-a-kind overall look is 150 dollars.  The collection also includes belts, purses , bracelets, rings, earrings and scarves.

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