What you may not know about Steve Jobs and Apple

One of the facts you may not have known about the Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, is that he owns a higher percentage of the Disney Company than of the Apple Inc.  Read below to find out other hidden details about the iMan.

Steve Jobs has been CEO of Apple since like…forever. Recently he has announced his resignation and even though it was sort of expected, it still had a shocking impact on the Apple fans.  The Breakout has made a list of surprising facts about the most popular CEO in the world. Here are some of them:

Steve Jobs owns 7.4% of the Walt Disney Company. The percentage represents 4.5 billion dollars in stock shares and is a lot more than Jobs’ percentage of Apple, which is only 0.5%, meaning 5.5 million dollars shares. If in the Disney Company he is the top shareholder, [ as a result of him selling the Pixar Company] at Apple he is not even amongst the first 20.

Can the most popular and loved IT company in the world face lawsuits on a daily basis? Well, according to the latest reports, yes. Apple gets sued almost every day. In August, the IT giant was charged 13 times with privacy violation (South Korea), patent challenges and claims for price fixing (United States).

According to the New York Times, Steve Jobs owns 313 patents. Even though most of them are related to the IT field, some of them have nothing to do with it. Among them, he owns a patent for a glass staircase. Compare this to Bill Gates’ 9 patents and Sergei Brin and Larry Page’s 12 patents.

Since March 18, 2009, Apple share price has not dropped under 100 dollars. Apple’s IPO price is $2.75 a share. So for a person that invested to buy 1,000 shares in 1980, [investing 22,000 dollars], the actual price of their Apple shares at the moment would be almost 3 million dollars.

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  1. Jobs is done but left his mark on every corner of wireless technology. It only leaves us asking who won the war between the two titans of modern computer technology? Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates / Apple vs. Microsoft– check out my rendering of an epic match-up of their cyborg selves on my artist’s blog

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