What You Can Do With Toshiba’s 13 inch Excite Tablet

Many have argued that Toshiba’s latest attempt at the tablet market might be a little bit too farfetched. Experts have argued that 13 inch might be a bit too big for a tablet. However, we think the 13 inch Excite tablet can really come in handy around the house. So, here’s what you can do with Toshiba’s 13 inch Excite tablet.

A lot of media sources looking at Toshiba’s 13 inch Excite tablet slammed the idea as being too big and sort of useless. CNET wrote that Toshiba’s “bigger and pricier 13.3 inch tablet may stand out, but not in a good way”, while Wired looked at it with scrutiny asking its readers if the world needs “a tablet this large”.

But we have a different take on the matter. Perhaps you’ve been used to see the tablet as a gadget of personal use, small and light enough not to be a bother when handling, but big enough to play movies, games, read books, draw and browse the internet. Whenever you’d want someone else to join you on your time watching a movie for instance on your tablet, the functionality would decrease by much. The movie becomes trickier to watch from a distance two people would feel comfortable with. But a bigger tablet solves that matter.

You can use a 13.3 inch tablet as a portable TV, home cinema player, music player, radio and so on. Not only would such a big tablet allow you a comfortable experience while watching a movie, but it can in fact, down the line, become a replacement for your kid’s TV. Or keep it as a trendy modern, no wires entertainment center in your own living room.

Apparently, Toshiba had the same thing in mind when they designed their 13 inch Excite tablet. Jared Leavitt, spokesman for Toshiba, told Wired that the Excite 13 should be seen as a home tablet. Thanks to the larger size, the tablet becomes ideal for use while in kitchen, cooking or looking up recipes. Then “you can bring it into the living room to watch videos with the kids, or to look at family photos with friends”.

While a lot of people have slammed the idea, I think larger tablets will definitely become common down the line, as we strive to bring more functionality, technology and space saving solutions in our homes.

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