What Will Kristen Do After “Twilight”?

After announcing her separation from the character that made her famous Bella Swan, Kristen Stewart told reporters at the Associated Press that she is concentrating all her attention on her future projects. Even though the last “Twilight” movie “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” has left her nostalgic, the actress is desperate to get a new job in the near future.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson announced on November 14 that “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” was the last movie they made from the “Twilight” saga. The announcement was very emotional especially since the two protagonists recalled the beautiful moments they spent together during the filming of the vampire series. However nostalgic she might have been, Kristen chose to speak about her future career plans instead of lingering on the “Twilight” subject for too long.

She told reporters that she has always been busy filming one movie or another in the past five years, but now she is desperate to find a new contract. In addition to “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” the actress also starred in “Snow White and The Huntsman” and “On The Road” since the beginning of the year. Now that she has completed one of the major projects of her life, she hopes she will continue to receive projects from directors.

Robert Pattinson, on the other hand, is currently in Australia filming “The Rover”. He will remain there for the following three months, so the two on and off screen lovers might be forced to stay apart until the filming is over. Stewart confessed that she would love to spend as much time as he does in Australia because it is a very important destination “on [her] list of personal expeditions”. Unfortunately, she was not co-opted for a movie in Australia until now.

Reporters asked Kristen whether she will travel Down Under to be with Robert Pattinson, but she did not provide a clear response. She only stated that she is taking her time to enjoy the last moments of popularity she might get from “Breaking Dawn – Part 2”.

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