What we know about “Knives Out 2′: Murder New Cast Crew, and Release date!

We need to make this happen more often. After its critical and commercial successes, Knives Out will return with two installments available on Netflix.

The 2019 thriller follows Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) as he tries to find out the killer of a well-known crime writer Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer). With the aid by Marta (Ana de Armas) the detective was able to have the whole Thrombey family to question. Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon, Don Johnson, Toni Collette, Lakeith Stanfield, Katherine Langford and Jaeden Martell all made appearances in the film.

Knives Out was later to win Three Golden Globes and writer Rian Johnson won the Oscar nomination for the best screenplay. Before the film had its an audience, Johnson shared his plans to write more stories that take on its own.

“I’ll tell you, the truth is I had such a great time working with Daniel Craig and I had so much fun doing this on every level, from writing it to making it,” Johnson revealed in an interview with Uproxx in September of this year. “I’ve never been one to be interested in sequels however, this idea, of making more with Daniel as the main character isn’t sequels. This is the same thing Agatha Christie did. It’s simply coming up with a brand novel mystery. A new location, a completely new cast, completely new ways to increase the interest of a story and everything. It’d be an absolute blast.”

Craig Johnson, who was a standout in the film by his distinctive accent He previously spoke about Johnson’s style of dealing with subjects of Knives Out benefited the storytelling.

“It’s very funny and enjoyable film. Let’s make it available immediately. What Rian is so great in is that he’s added some really good social commentary. We did this in the past and finished it this year, and the information is up-to-date. All the information is the movie,” he told Screenrant in November, 2019. “This film hopes to be entertaining however, it will also bring questions. It is hoped that it won’t cause a ruckus and will also spark some great debate.”

Although viewers were enthralled by the way the story was set in Knives Out, the writer and director both confirmed that the next episode is not going to be the same pattern as before.

“There’s numerous things you can accomplish with it. This is the thing that makes it fun to do the subject,” Johnson said to SiriusXM in February 2020. “You take a look at Agatha Christie’s works and you’ll notice that not every one of them is a mansion, library, or a detective. In addition to setting, she investigated a wide variety of genres. She discovered a unique approach to each.”

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Everything You Need to Know About "Knives Out 2': Murder New Cast Members, and Much More!
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Benoit Blanc Returns

Following his standout performance, it was revealed in the month of March 2021 that Craig will be the main focus of the two films to come. Craig is a James Bond star previously talked about his desire to return in the Knives Out universe.

“I’d be thrilled to do a sequel. I’m talking about, I’d be willing to do everything to help Rian. If he ever writes something, I’ll be willing to do it. Yes, I will. Why shouldn’t I? I had lots of enjoyment doing it. Every time, you want it to be a success. It’s not often, and rarely however, it did happen on this film, and how wonderful is that?” Craig told Entertainment Weekly in January 2020.

Everything You Need to Know About "Knives Out 2': Murder New Cast Members, and Much More!
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New Cast

Knives In 2 will include a variety of potential stars for fans to choose from, such as Dave Bautista, Edward Norton, Janelle Monae, Kathryn Hahn, Leslie Odom Jr., Kate Hudson, Jessica Henwick and Madelyn Cline.

Bautista was rumored to join the wildly popular franchise following his participation was revealed.

“It is a bit scary. I’m anxious about it. I’m very anxious,” Bautista told Slash Film prior to filming commenced at the end of May in 2021. “It’s an instance of situations that the pressure is on because people expect things from you. I’m determined to meet their expectations. I am proud of that. I’m a game player. I’d like to throw an score pass.”

He said: “I know the script is amazing, I’m certain the director is a genius. The names are bound to grow and get better and for me, it’s hard to remove it from my head that there’s always some part of me that believes I’m still a novice and still learning, and I’d like to be able hold my own. This is why there’s some anxiety factor, as all the performers and directors experienced and well-seasoned, and award-winning.”

Everything You Need to Know About "Knives Out 2': Murder New Cast Members, and Much More!
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An International Adventure

A new mystery requires an entirely new setting to place it in.

“Aaaaaaaand WE’RE OFF! Day one of filming on the next Benoit Blanc mystery. Thanks to all the lovely patient people here in Greece for letting us do all this murdering on their peaceful shores,” Johnson captioned an image of a camera in the which the camera was set to shoot in July 2021.

Everything You Need to Know About "Knives Out 2': Murder New Cast Members, and Much More!
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Happy Reunions

Hudson and Hahn and Hahn, who collaborated on How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days they celebrated their latest project with an adorable selfie in the middle of the night in Greece.

“Reunited baby yeah!!! If we can’t get Kathryn Hahn on @instagram then I’ll just keep having her take these pics with her selfie face and post them myself! Love and missed my bestie #datenight #feelslikeyesterdayHTLAG” Hudson captioned the group photo via Instagram in June 2021. The boyfriend of Hudson Danny Fujikawa and Hahn’s husband, Ethan Sandler, were included in the photo as well.

Everything You Need to Know About "Knives Out 2': Murder New Cast Members, and Much More!
Credit: Claire Folger/Lionsgate/Kobal/Shutterstock

A New Title

Fans might need to prepare for brand new games.

“It’s been an absolute brainf*ck since I’ve been pondering the concept for the first one for 10 years and now I’m beginning with blank pages. It’s not an actual Knives Out sequel. I’ll need to think of an appropriate title for it so that I don’t have to call the film ‘The Knives-Out Sequel’ since it’s Daniel Craig as the same detective but with a brand new cast.” Johnson told Digital Spy in September of 2020.

Everything You Need to Know About "Knives Out 2': Murder New Cast Members, and Much More!
Credit: Claire Folger

A Wrap on Filming

Director and writer Johnson confirmed on the 13th of September 2021 that filming had was completed on the film. “We just wrapped production on the next Benoit Blanc mystery,” Johnson tweeted, before making a mention of Leos Carax’s psychological musical film Anette. “And I also finally saw Annette and it’s incredible. I am sending gratitude and love to our amazing cast and crew, and Leos Carax!”

Everything You Need to Know About "Knives Out 2': Murder New Cast Members, and Much More!
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Filming was a Party — Despite the Pandemic

The Knives Out 2 cast was “weirdly making a film in lockdown,” Craig stated on Andy Cohen on Live the month of October 2021. Craig wanted to make sure that the film was enjoyable for all.

“Ordinarily you get to socialize a bit more with the rest of the crew,” said the actor. “But we had a bubble of actors and the director and a few other people, and … I just sort of instigated a party once every couple of weeks, just so that we could sort of get together and take our masks off.”

Since everyone was examined for COVID-19 all through the film and filming, they were able “make sure that we weren’t infecting each other” during these events according to said the No Time to Die star stated. However, the experience of filming during an outbreak could be “sort of crazy,” he said, “but we had to get together and just hang out.”

The strategy seemed to work as he told the host Andy Cohen there were “lots of Negronis and tequila” during these late-night events. The events also gave the actor the chance to meet his castmates which left him amazed. “There was a great team of people,” the British actor told. “I mean, Janelle Monae, wow.”

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