What Made Russell Crowe Stray Away From Home?

The news that the long lasting couple, Russell Crowe and wife, Danielle Spencer, will part ways has been making headlines in the past days. Things seemed to be working well between the nine-year-old married couple and yet, sources claim something might have pushed Russell Crowe to stray away from home, Us Weekly reports.

Russell Crowe has been co-opted in numerous movie projects in the past year, so he and his wife, Danielle Spencer didn’t have the chance to spend much time together. According to sources, the actor filmed five movies in the past year, namely, “The Man With the Iron Fist”, “Les Miserables” “Broken City”, “Man of Steel” and currently “Noah”. His busy schedule forced him to spend less and less time with his family until Danielle Spencer gave up and requested a divorce.

Danielle was the first to dot the i’s and cross the t’s when she told her husband that their relationship was no longer working. Crowe, on the other hand, respected his wife’s wish to separate and agreed to sign the divorce papers. Insiders claim the split was “amicable”, so the two won’t have any problems sharing their belongings.

Russell and Danielle met over 20 years ago on the set of the movie “The Crossing”. They dated for various years during which the couple separated and reunited on numerous occasions. In 2002, Crowe officially declared his love for Spencer and proposed to her in November 2002. Several months later, the couple tied the knot during a four-day wedding ceremony held at the actor’s 560-acre cattle farm in Australia. They had two sons, Charles, who is 8 and Tennyson, who is 6.

Although Crowe had been criticized for his explosive temper, he showed the world that the arrival of the two children made him somewhat softer. During a past interview, the actor declared that parenthood is an amazing experience that has completely changed his life making him more “emotionally available”.

Crowe and Spencer continue to maintain a significant distance between them; thus, giving birth to many more separation rumors. Neither Crowe, nor Spencer has talked with the press until now and reps were not available for comments. 

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