What is new on BlackBerry Priv?

BlackBerry was without a doubt one of the most attractive and famous companies on the phone market. Unfortunately for them, after moving from physical buttons to touchscreen, their popularity has decreased. Now, they are back with the new BlackBerry Priv. 

Even if BlackBerry has been replaced by tech gianta like Google, Samsung or Apple, this company has always made good phones. The new BlackBerry Priv is without a doubt an incredible phone with high-end features. Moreover, for those who are missing the company’s excellent physical keyboard, this new phone has it. 

Now, even if Blackberry has released a few smartphone that run BlackBerry 10 OS, this new phone comes with the famous Android Lollipop. However, the company still promises that users will have the same secure experience that they always had on BlackBerry devices. 

It seems that BlackBerry still insists to deliver a secure experience for its users, a quality that made this company so famous. Now, users also have the possibility to enjoy Google’s operating system, on a BlackBerry device.

The new BlackBerry Priv is an attractive and good-looking phone and features a backlit QWERTY keyboard that slides out from behind the phone’s 5.4-inch quad HD display. Remember those slide phones that had a huge impact on the market a couple of years ago? Well, BlackBerry had brought back that design.

The new BlackBerry Priv is available at the price of 699 dollars unlocked and customers could buy the device directly from the company’s website. As it was earlier mentioned, BlackBerry Priv comes with a 5.4-inch AMOLED display that features a 2,560×1,440 pixel resolution.

Moreover, this device measures 5.7×3.04x.0.37 inches and weighs approximately 6.77 ounces. To be added that the display is coated in Corning Gorilla Glass 4, which make it more secure. Probably, the main attraction on this phone is the keyboard. BlackBerry has added the vintage keyboard style that features a layout identical with other BlackBerry devices. 

The keyboard feels pretty good and it is useful because having a physical keyboard means that users will have more room on the display to view.

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