What is MS? What is Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic condition which affects the central nervous system. The disease is also known as MS, a condition that can lead to the development of many complications.

In the most severe cases, the patient can become even paralyzed and blind. However, in most situations sufferers experience numbness in the limbs, due to the development of this condition. 

Multiple sclerosis is quite a common disease. More than 350,000 individuals are diagnosed with this condition in the United States, while thousands of other cases are traced all around the world.

In most cases, symptoms appear in patients aged between 15 and 45, but anyone may suffer from this condition. Statistics reveal that MS is more common in men, compared to women. 

The disease is commonly described as an auto-immune condition, as it is a well-known fact that multiple sclerosis is developed when the nervous system is attacked by the immune system.

The immune system fails to recognize the myelin, attacking and destroying it. Nerve fibers are surrounded by myelin, which has the role of protecting them. So, in the most serious cases, the nerve itself can be affected. When this occurs, unfortunately there is nothing that patients can do.

Unfortunately, specialists have been unable until now to determine what exactly causes multiple sclerosis. Actually, they cannot tell for sure what determines the immune system to act this way and attack the myelin. Some studies have revealed that the cause might be genetic, so this means that the genes inherited by sufferers may increase their risk of suffering from MS. 

Other studies have revealed that the risk of MS is increased by certain environmental factors. There are studies which indicate that there might be a link between the development of MS and the level of vitamin D in the body. Too much salt might determine the immune system to cause autoimmune diseases, other studies reveal. 

Even though specialists cannot determine for sure what makes the immune system attack the myelin, patients are advised to be careful at the symptoms that may indicate that their health has been affected. After all, with the right treatment MS can be kept under control.

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