What Happens To Your Google Information After You Die?

Arranging your Google information is the last thing you’d think about if you knew you were about to kick the bucket and yet, the software company gives users the possibility to decide what should happen to their online information when they pass away. The new feature, called Inactive Account Manager, gives users the possibility to delete or modify their online identity after their death, CNET New Reports.

Very few people have the strength to admit they are mortals and even fewer have the courage to imagine what happens after they die. Google has included a new feature to its online services that gives users the possibility to manage the content of their online accounts even after they have passed away. Some people might find this option useless, if not macabre, but Google’s initiative is understandable considering that most people have an online identity containing the most important data about them.

Thanks to the Inactive Account Manager, users can set an interval by which they can be considered inactive, the longest period of time being 12 months. If the users is not at all active on the Internet during the period of time he selected, 10 of his most trusted contacts will be notified through emails and written texts about his/her death. Account users can also program the service to grant trusted contacts access to some of their online information. Thus, the relatives and family members can view the deceased person’s email, videos, pictures and other online files.

While the service appears to be a great common-sense solution for the handling of inactive accounts, analysts don’t expect this feature to be used by many people. The Inactive Account Manager is fairly simple to use, in comparison to other similar services; Facebook, for instance, requires family members to submit proof of death before acknowledging the demise. Google’s service, on the other hand, is much easier to use, because subscribers get to manage their inactive accounts and select the most trusted persons in their contacts list.

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