What Does Anti-Freckle Cream Has To Do With Amelia Earhart

Only a few weeks ago, Rick Gillespie was announcing a new search for evidence in the disappearance of Amelia Earhart. The plan was to go back to the remote island of Nikumaroro and look closer for details. According to the researchers, a jar of anti-freckle cream found on the Pacific island might have belonged to Amelia Earhart.

The story of Amelia Earhart’s flight across the Pacific some 75 years ago is by now pop culture. Her freckles are perhaps more popular than her pilot goggles in many of the Hollywood flicks where Amelia Earhart’s character popped up. Her disappearance, so many years ago, still puzzles researchers.

The mission for evidence in the Amelia Earhart disappearance might have delivered its first result. According to the International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR), on the island of Nikumaroro, they found a jar of anti-freckle cream that might have belonged to Amelia Earhart.

Rick Gillespie, TIGHAR director, told ABC News “We do know that Earhart had freckles and she was conscientious about them. It’s not an unreasonable thing to think”. The anti-freckle cream jar looks very similar to Dr. Berry’s Freckle Ointment, one of the most popular face creams in America a few decades ago.

Gillespie also explained that the anti-freckle cream jar that was found “is one of several bottles that … are very definitely personal care products that were marketed exclusively to women in the United States in the 1930s”.

The particular anti-freckle cream jar that is now linked to Amelia Earhart was originally found broken down into five pieces. Researchers say four of those pieces were still together, but the fifth was some 65 feet away, and apparently it once served as a cutting tool.

Researchers also pointed out that they found bones of eel, fish and turtle which gave them reason to believe it wasn’t a native that hunted and prepared the food. “This is not a Pacific Islander. This is a westerner grabbing anything they can find and cooking it and preparing it the way westerners do”.

TIGHAR’s research mission seems to have made quite a lot of progress. Researchers also say that in 1940, a female partial skeleton was found, as well as a navigational tool and a female and male shoe.

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