What Changes Should We Expect From Facebook?

The presentation that CEO Mark Zuckerberg held in Menlo Park, California, on Thursday managed to arise the interest of advertisers and online users, alike. Facebook’s home page will become more vivid and dynamic thanks to the new elements that will be inserted, according to the Associated Press.

The former changes that Mark Zuckerberg made to his famous social network have caused many users to sign out of their profiles. To prevent many more users from parting ways with the social network, developers at Zuckerberg have agreed to make a few changes in the design of the home page. Based on their declaration, users will now have the possibility to reduce the amount of information displayed on their News Feed page and to organize it on specific criteria.

Compared to other social networks, Facebook has fallen a few steps behind in terms of aspect and graphic design. The pieces of information that were usually displayed on the News Feed page were not, in Zuckerberg’s opinion, attractive enough to lure advertisers and users. For that matter, the page will contain bigger photos, videos and users will be able to access the links and streams that their friends post.

After various analyses, developers at Facebook have reached the conclusion that the popularity of the network has diminished at the same time with the organization of the News Feed flow. As a result, the CEO is determined to make the social network look more like a professional newspaper by simply arranging the information according to the topic. Facebook users will now have the possibility to include their friends into three categories: “all”, “recent” and “close” for an increased data exchange.

Facebook has been making a lot of efforts lately to become more appropriate for mobile devices. The recently announced redesign is one of the many changes that Zuckerberg will make in order to render the social network better for PCs, smartphones and tablets. Advertisements and news feeds look much more attractive with the new redesign, irrespective of the device they are viewed on. To put it in Mark Zuckerberg’s words, the redesign means “Goodbye clutter, hello bright, beautiful stories”.

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