What Celebrities Have In Mind For Thanksgiving Day

Celebrities, like the rest of the world are preparing to give thanks this Thursday, on November 22. Us Weekly has interviewed some of our favorite stars to see what they have in mind for this year’s Thanksgiving Day.

Katie Holmes signed the divorce papers this summer ending her five-year marriage to actor Tom Cruise. Despite being a free woman, the actress plans to spend the national holiday with her family in Ohio and her six-year-old daughter, Suri. The Holmes family has a unique way of celebrating Thanksgiving Day; in addition to eating stuffed turkey, they take a walk in the park where they organize a “Turkey Trot” race, a tradition that was established by the actress’ father when she was a child. After the holidays, Katie will return on the Broadway stage to perform on her new comedy “Dead Accounts”.

Katie Holmes is not the only celebrity who is single during this year’s winter holidays. Pamela Anderson, too, told the press that she will be spending Thanksgiving on her own, playing with turkeys rather than eating them. The 45-year-old “Baywatch” star is a strong supporter of PETA causes, so she will not stuff turkeys this year, but tickle the birds under the wings and feed them pumpkin pie.

Jennie Garth has been through a very difficult period in the past months since her divorce from “Twilight” star Pete Facinelli was pronounced. The actress claims she is now going through a peaceful and serene period and she plans to enjoy the national holiday to the fullest. Garth will not be spending Turkey Day with her three daughters, Lola, Luca and Fiona, as they will be joining their father. However, the four girls will organize their own Thanksgiving Day on Saturday by cooking meals and shopping together.

America’s most loved family, Brangelina, is among the few celebrities who plan to skip Turkey Day this year. While Brad Pitt seemed eager in a recent interview to prepare the stuffed turkey and observe the rest of the traditions, his wife-to-be, Angelina Jolie, claims she is “disgusted” by Thanksgiving Day. The actress refuses to celebrate the holiday because she disagrees with “the domination of one culture over another” and she doesn’t want her multi-cultural family to celebrate a “story of murder”.

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