What Caused Frankie Muniz’s Mini Stroke?

Actor Frankie Muniz was hospitalized on Friday after suffering a mini-stroke. According to Us Weekly, the “Malcolm in the Middle” star’s illness was caused by physical and mental exhaustion.

Frankie Muniz needs to take better care of himself. This is the conclusion that the actor has reached after being diagnosed with a mini-stroke on Friday afternoon. Doctors advised Muniz to rest in the following days and spend as much time as possible at home.

Knowing that his fans will get worried about him, Muniz took to Twitter to tell his followers that he is getting better. He wrote on Friday that he had been hospitalized after a mini-stroke and that he plans to take better care of himself in order to avoid similar incidents in the future. The actor confessed that he was very scared by the symptoms of the mild stroke. It “was not fun at all,” he continued.

While doctors blame exhaustion for Muniz’s health problems, the actor thinks ageing is the main factor behind his stroke. Even though he is only 27 years old, Muniz is aware that he needs to pay more attention to his body, so he is willing to act accordingly.

Frankie’s health condition has got a lot better now, judging by the announcements he made on his Twitter account. The “Last Man Standing” star kept his fans up to date with the concerts that his band will host by the end of the year. Muniz has taken some time off the screen and he is now playing drums for the band Kingsfoil. 

In addition to his health problems, the actor has had a number of legal conflicts in the past. In February 2011, Phoenix police arrived at his home after his girlfriend claimed she was struck by the actor. According to her declarations, Muniz hit his girlfriend and then threatened to commit suicide by putting a gun to his own head. The officers confiscated his gun and issued various disorderly-conduct warnings on his name.  

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  1. But…was it hemmorhagic or ischemic ? Ive never heard of exhaustion causing a stroke. I wonder did he hit his head hard at all ? Did he eat too much fish maybe? There are people way older than him who have addiction to drugs and alchohol who havent stroked yet and i read he never touched either. Did he go days and days without sleep ?
    No aneurysm ..no luekemia ? Wow

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