What Anne Hathaway Did To Her Hair

It’s no longer breaking news that actors undergo considerable physique changes to prepare for their movies. First aspect that is usually subjected to change is an actor’s hair due, which even as representative as it might be for that particular star, for the love of art it has to go. In the end we end up with actors and actress that might look they’ve made some hasty decisions. Anne Hathaway has just started her prep work for “Les Miserables” and the hair due was first on the list. See here what Anne Hathaway did to her hair!

Part of what branded Anne Hathaway in today’s Hollywood was her particular beautiful brunette flowing locks. However, we’ve got to admit that her new look seems to rejuvenate her and it might be just the right hair style for the actress’s upcoming 30 birthday. Plus, her shooting in “Les Miserables” required her to lose some weight too, and as drastic as the change might be, the new style is quite a trendy choice for Anne Hathaway.

The change was so incredible that some fans had trouble spotting the actress on the set. Jo Lord and her daughter went to see the England filming location and the new hair due and the lost weight have been enough to create a challenge. “I thought, ‘That looks like Anne Hathaway!’ but thought she was too skinny”.

To illustrate the story of her character in “Les Miserables” Anne Hathaway cut her flowing brunette locks to a boyish hair due. Coupled with the weight lost, Anne Hathaway looks like she’s rediscovering her youth. But her part in “Les Miserables” has a drama story behind her hair due change.

In “Les Miserables”, Anne Hathaway plays Fantine, a single mother of one who decides to cut her hair short, sell the chopped locks and even going as far as starting prostitution just to have the money to provide food for the child.

Pictures of Anne Hathaway took while she was leaving nightclub The Box in London showed her trying to conceal the hair due, as people around tried to figure out her identity. Apparently the new hair due is so fresh, even the actress herself hasn’t got used to it yet.

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