Weston Cage divorces pregnant wife

Life is tough when you are a rock star and you dad is a celebrity. Weston Cage, Nicolas Cage’s son has announced that he is divorcing his wife Nikki Williams. Despite the fact that she is pregnant, he is not considering getting back together. And he may have his reasons, according to a report of the Us Weekly.

Weston Cage wants to set a different example from his dad. At least, this is what he said to Us Weekly a few months ago, when he was a newlywed. “I want our love to set an example to others and my dad.” He was pretty optimistic about his life as a hubbie. So what changed?

The Eyes of Nocturn band member posted a message on his Facebook page saying “Made my choice, getting divorced” on Wednesday. In addition to that he wrote that he would never hit his wife. This comes as a response to the violent charges on Sunday. Weston, 20, and Nikki, 22, were both booked on felony domestic charges as she went after him with a bottle. He added that he had no reason to abuse his pregnant wife. “Why would I start abusing after she was positive after taking a pregnancy test?”

But he is far from being an angel. Just last month, Weston Cage got a restraining order after hitting his father’s assistant, Kevin Villegas. Nicolas Cage’s assistant was hired to find out where Weston was. At the time, the rocker proclaimed himself Nikki’s bodyguard and attacked Villegas.

Some would say “like father like son”. In April, Cage Senior was arrested for public drunkenness and disturbing the public peace. At first, it was believed that he hit his wife, Alice Kim, but she eventually dropped the charges and insisted he did not touch her.

Weston Cage’ Facebook page also included one more phrase from him, a more cryptical one: “Have fun killing my child, Breyan Prescott.”

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  1. He is NOT divorcing her. Taken off of his facebook:
    Weston Cage
    everything is back to normal, the battle is over. LOVE LIVES ON
    9 hours ago

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