Wesley Snipes dead: it’s not true

The GossipCop sets the record straight one more time: actor Wesley Snipes is not dead as reported by several social networks. He was not killed in a fight. According to GossipCop, the actor is pretty much alive and still in federal prison.

On July 12, GossipCop says that Wesley Snipes is alive and well, unlike some recent rumors claimed. Facebook and Twitter have been the social platforms on which the rumors first appeared. But fans can be relieved. The Blade star is pretty ok, considering the place he’s in.

Wesley Snipes, 48, was sentenced to almost three years in prison for tax evasion. In December 2010, the actor reported to the Federal Prison in Lewis Run, Pennsylvania. Two days before, he was invited to the Larry King show on CNN and talked about his perspective on the matter. “I think any man would be nervous,” the actor admitted. “Given the length of time that they are suggesting that I be away from my family, away from my profession, away from my ability to provide for my family and for those who have depended upon me to contribute to society” he was nervous about it.

In October 2006, Wesley Snipes was charged with conspiring to defraud the US. He was also charged with failing to file federal income tax in time. His file contained data stating that Snipes filed a false amended return that included tax refunds of 4 million dollars for 1996 and 7.3 million dollars for 1997. Snipes answered to this by saying that the government is trying to make an example out of him. He faced the possibility of spending his nest 16 years behind bars.

Since his imprisonment and even before it, Snipes’s lawyers have been filing for appeals. On June 6, 2011 the appeal was dismissed by the United States Supreme Court, leaving the actor in the federal prison until July 18, 2013.

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