Wes Welker Talks About Getting A Hair Transplant Deal

When it comes to men, getting bald is among the worst things that could happen to them. New England Patriots wide receiver Wes Walker fixed that, by getting a hair transplant last month. And with all that new hair, Wes Welker scored an ad hair transplant deal too.

As manly and testosterone pumping football might be, players are still actively concerned about their looks. It’s very likely Wes Welker isn’t the only one that got a hair transplant done, but he’s one of the few that came forward about it. And why wouldn’t he? He got a great deal: beautiful hair to cover those bald spots and an advertising deal for the doctor that handled his procedure.

Late this year, Wes Welker will be promoting hair transplant at Dr. Robert Leonard’s office where ever you’ll look. Expect television, radio and print ads featuring Wes Welker talking about how great his experience with Dr. Robert Leonard was. Coming from a wide receiver, chances are many more men are going to choose hair restoration procedures instead of the boring baldness.

“When I was considering hair transplantation I knew that I wanted to work with the best in the field and that is why I chose Dr. Robert Leonard” says the New England Patriots wide receiver. “Dr. Leonard has a tremendous reputation and his knowledge and expertise helped put my mind at ease throughout the process” he recalled of last month’s procedure.

TMZ writes, Wes Welker had his hair restoration procedure done in July.  Doctors transplanted “follicles to an area of Welker’s scalp where his hair had started to thin”. Dr. Robert Leonard of Leonard Hair Transplant Associates explained the procedure took only five hours and required no recovery time. Wes Welker was “immediately able to resume his regular activities, including training for the football season and even wearing a helmet”.

It might just be Wes Welker is looking for a buck wherever he might found it. Let’s not forget he was recently featured in an ad for Depend adult diapers. I’m thinking someone has to promote these “uncomfortable” products too.

In a nutshell, Dr. Leonard sells his service along with technology available to “allow for a thicker, fuller, more natural look than ever before”. Wes Welker seems satisfied enough, but the new hair growth will start showing four months from now.

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