Wedding performer Dave Koz calls Kim Kardashian’s wedding a fake

Dave Koz, one of the performers at Kardashian’s wedding, calls the whole event a fake. Ever since the couple filed for divorce only 72 days after getting married, several individuals doubted the authenticity of the event. Koz said that during the wedding he got the feeling something was definitely off.

The Grammy nominated saxophone player told Times that “in retrospect, I’ve got to admit it didn’t feel right”. The artist was present at the Santa Barbara wedding in August when he performed two songs, “Know You By Heart” and “Here Comes The Bride”, while the newlyweds were walking down the aisle. The event was aired as a two parts mini-series on E! during October.

Koz has played throughout his career to several weddings, yet he never before felt something was so much off as it happened in the case of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries marriage ceremony. Even though the event was televised, so it was supposed to look a bit staged, the scene seemed part of an actual movie and not two people in love getting married for life. “Who knows whether they were in love or not, but it just didn’t seem to have authenticity in that moment for me”, he added.

Several other artists performed at the wedding, including the funk group Earth, Wind and Fire and the singer Robin Thicke. The event was watched by over eight million viewers during the two nights it was aired on E!.

The fast divorce only fueled those who were already accusing the wedding of being fake. The entire Kardashian family was fast in dismissing the accusations and in supporting the truthfulness of Kim’s and Kris’s relationship.

Kim filed for divorce the same week she had booked a business trip to Australia and had to cut it short. Afterwards, she was in Atlanta on the set of Tyler Perry’s “The Marriage Counselor”, shooting her scenes for the upcoming movie.


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