WBO Review In Favor Of Pacquiao, He Makes Rematch Request

After fans and sports celebrities argued against one of the most controversial decision in the history of boxing, the World Boxing Organization (WBO) has set things straight. WBO’s review was in favor of Manny Pacquiao in the fight with Timothy Bradley that sparked so many controversies. Pacquiao made a rematch request that would surely have boxing fans thrilled.

Five men in the WBO panel decided Manny Pacquiao was the one that won the fight with Timothy Bradley over the welterweight crown. The first result of the fight had everybody in the world of boxing shouting for justice, as judges gave Bradley the victory over a highly controversial split decision.

The WBO had to call in five international judges to give the result the Nevada State Athletic Commission didn’t want to touch. Moreover, it also refused to start an investigation over the controversial decision. The first split decision, in favor of Bradley (115-113), was put to shame after the five judges decided in favor of the Filipino fighter with 118-110, 117-111, 116-112, 115-113.

The fight’s first official ruling still stands, but the WBO review in favor of Manny Pacquiao does open the chance for a rematch. Francisco Valcarel, president of WBO, said their review “can’t change the result” but “if they want to make a rematch, we will approve the rematch and if they don’t we will order one”.

After the review came in, Manny Pacquiao made a request for a rematch. “My supporters shouldn’t worry. We’re going to get that title” said the Filipino fighter. Timothy Bradley is up for the challenge too. “I think the rematch should happen. The fight was very close and it could’ve gone either way, regardless of what happened. I’m all for it” he said.

The rematch is set according to contract terms for November 10. But, Bradley said he’d be up for an earlier date: “all this would be taken away if we just sat down and did the rematch and settled it once and for all”.

Although the WBO review did confirm his client was the better fighter, Bob Arum, Pacquiao’s promoter, said he wants Nevada attorney general Catherine Cortes Masto to start an investigation. “I told them they need to interrogate me, they need to interrogate Todd (duBoef) and all the people in my office. They have to ask hard questions” he said.

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