Wayne Knight is Not Dead

If you have heard the rumors that actor Wayne Knight is dead, you can calm down. The actor is not dead and he is doing just fine. 

In the past few days, rumors emerged indicating that actor Wayne Knight has died. Well, luckily, the rumors are not true. The star took Twitter to announce that he is fine and these were all just rumors. Wayne Knight has become widely famous for his role in Seinfeld. The star is also known for his part in Jurassic Park

“Some of you will be glad to hear this, others strangely disappointed, but… I am alive and well!,” the actor tweeted. “Does someone have to DIE to trend? Geez! Thanks for all the love everybody. I didn’t know you cared. Glad to be breathing!,” Wayne Knight also posted on his Twitter. 

So, the comedy actor maintained his humor on these reports and claimed to be quite happy to still be alive. Everyone is surely happy to see that Wayne Knight is perfectly fine. 

The death hoax was first posted on Facebook. It made many people believe that the funny actor has died. The messages indicated that the star died in a type of tragic tractor trailer accident. The pranksters cited TMZ with posting the death news, but in reality no major publications took these reports. The TMZ page that pranksters created to share the news, naturally was a fake one. To share the prank on social media, they created fake accounts. Since then, the accounts have been deleted. 

It was said that the actor who played the role of Newman in Seinfeld was killed in this accident, while two other people were severely injured. It was also said that the accident took place on Saturday night, along Route 446, near the Pennsylvania-New York state border. The story indicated that the vehicle in which the three persons were riding slammed into a disabled semi-tractor-trailer. 

Wayne Knight kept his humor about this whole situation. Numerous people posted on Facebook and Twitter regarding this reported news. Fortunately for the fans and the whole world, it was all just a prank. 

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