Watch Andy Whitfield’s Last Movie “Be Here Now”

Although Andy Whitfield passed away last September, he will always be remembered thanks to his work and documentary movie he created towards the end of his life. “”Be Here Now” is the trailer that Andy’s friend Lilibet Foster produced in order to raise money for the completion of the documentary, according to Us Weekly.

Andy Whitfield was only 39 years old when he passed away last September. During the last months of his life, the “Spartacus: Blood and Sand” actor has gone through various alternative treatments to overcome his disease. Despite all the struggles, the actor and his wife made a commitment to live the rest of his life to the fullest; as a result, all the fun he and his family had were recorded on camera.

The frightening diagnosis did not prevent Whitfield from preserving his optimistic attitude in life. The 6-minute video is the best proof that the late star kept his hope to the last minute. Great part of the video portrays Andy while taking up both traditional and alternative medicines in order to defeat the disease. He traveled all over the world and in the end found the power to peacefully accept the cruel reality.

Andy Whitfield insisted that the video be published after his death because he wanted people to know that you can still enjoy life even after you’ve been diagnosed with cancer. In addition, Lilibet Foster, as well as, Andy’s loved ones hope the documentary will inspire scientists to accelerate the pace of their cancer researches.

The video begins with Jai Courtney’s declaration saying that he and Andy have become close friends during the filming of “Spartacus: Blood and Sand”. He further introduces the viewers to the making of the film and asks them to make contributions, so Foster can finish the documentary. Throughout the rest of the trailer, Andy Whitfield speaks about his feelings in relation to the disease while the images show him undergoing various therapies.

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