Washington United For Marriage Wins Cash Fight For Same-Sex Marriage

The Herald reports that Washington United for Marriage, a group supporting same-sex marriage, has managed to gather a large sum of money winning cash fight against the opponent team, Preserve Marriage Washington.

Washington United for Marriage has been fighting to make same –sex marriage legal in the state for a long period of time. The coalition launched its first ad in support of gay marriage last week urging voters to approve Referendum 74 and determine law makers to accept that everyone has the right to get married regardless of their sexual preferences. Their first ad campaign turned out to be a success as the group raised 14 times more money than the anti-gay marriage coalition.

As elections day on November 6th is getting closer and closer, Preserve Marriage Washington fears they may not be able to produce as many ad campaigns as they would like in support of their cause. The fact that they gathered a very small sum of money could limit the production of ads in the remaining 51 days they have left until the elections.

Chris Plante, campaign manager for Preserve Marriage Washington, is, nevertheless, convinced that things will turn out well, in the end for his group. He told reporters that it would be nice to raise more money in the following period, so supporters of traditional values should hurry to express their opinion before they run out of time.

Based on the information provided on Friday, Washington United for Marriage managed to collect $7.4 million and is expected to add several more millions in the upcoming period. The money will be used to create campaigns for almost all the channels of communication because Washington United for Marriage doesn’t want to let its opponents use more resources to reach towards people. Even though Preserve Marriage Washington has collected only $550,000 in cash and in-kind contributions, the coalition claims they never wanted to equal the amount of money pulled in by the opposing group.

The cash fight between the two parties started after Gov. Chris Gregoire adopted a law in February in favor of same-sex marriages. Referendum 74 gives Washington residents the possibility to express whether they want the law to be approved or rejected.

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