Warren Sapp: Jeremy Shockey Is The Snitch

The NFL Network analyst, Warren Sapp posted a message on his Twitter account on Wednesday saying that Jeremy Shockey is the snitch who caused his team to be investigated by the NFL. The Associated Press reports that Shockey was quick to reject Sapp’s accusations adding that he is not responsible for the penalties brought against the New Orleans Saints.

Although there is no real evidence to support his claim, Warren Sapp officially accused the free agent tight end of offering information to the NFL, thus causing, in his opinion, the Saints to get investigated. The accusations left the football player literally Shockey-ed as he never expected people to bring him such allegations given that he has always been a good team player.

The Saints’ tight end declared in a recent interview that he was very hurt by the allegations that Sapp brought against him. As a proof of his innocence, Shockey told everyone that he regards Sean Payton as a father figure and he agreed to take two polygraph tests in order to prove that he didn’t provide information about the Saints to the NFL.

Sapp, on the other hand, may be accused of violating the NFL policies regarding the protection of sources. This might turn in Shockey’s favor as the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell declared that the league would protect snitches if they reported violations of league policy.

NFL spokespersons were later on contacted by reporters at the Associated Press, but neither of them wished to make any comments in relation to the recent events. The fans of the New Orleans Saints wanted to know why the NFL Network allowed Sapp to make these allegations about Shockey in the first place. Sapp, however, claims that he found out Shockey was a traitor from a reliable source, so he was not willing to apologize for his declarations.

Even though Shockey and Sapp have both played at the University of Miami, Shockey stated on Wednesday that any loyalty from their common background, “ended right there”. The Saints football player also alluded to Sapp’s controversial career and personal life in an attempt to offend him.

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  1. I wonder if the so-called snitch was black,would the sapp-sucker say anything . The reason for saying this is,why didn’t sapper say it to shockey’s face! In essence, we have a snitch, snitching on a so-called snitch. I hope hbo fires his ass. By the way sapper,if there were a bounty out on Sims,would you tell him? I thought so snitch!

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